Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar

  • Tired of carrying heavy batteries on your kayak?
  • Or maybe you already carry a battery for your lights but you don’t want to get a bigger one to power your lights and fishfinder too?
  • What about that huge fishfinder you have?  It is really worth the extra weight?
  • What about all those times you didn’t bring it because “it’s just too much trouble to hook up”?


There is now a solution!


Introducing Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar!  It’s the perfect sonar for kayak fishing!


  • Small enough to fit in your pocket or in a corner of your tackle box.
  • One charge lasts all day (or all night!).
  • Can be mounted on an kayak arm (separate accessory)
  • It floats like a large bobber!
  • Can be casted like a large lure to get it over the fishing hole without scaring the fish.



Those are the features just for kayakers that we like to use it for, but there are ton of other features too.

  • Connects to your smart device (smartphone, tablet) via it’s own WiFi so it can connect as far as you can cast (usually).
  • Has a GPS function to let you track where you’ve been and store coordinates of places you caught fish.
  • Also works in Ice fishing mode – which doubles as a Pier or Dock fishing mode for those in warmer climates.  Can be tied off to a railing and used to see if there are fish under a pier.


If you’re shorebound or fishing from a pier or dock, you’re going to LOVE this device!

The ability to see where the fish are is almost secondary to seeing what else is in the water. Here’s some reasons for a shorebound angler to get a Deeper:

  • See structure that can’t be seen from the bank or a pier.
  • Find out where the drop off is for a river channel, or in lakes!
  • Discover big holes in the bottom that you didn’t know where there!


These are all reasons for a shorebound angler to buy a Deeper.  Being able to tell where to cast or even what to avoid is a huge plus! We could tell you many times when we wished we had this ability when fishing from piers on the Texas coast. Being able to *know* where a channel goes is paramount to knowing where to cast and where to stop or speed up your bait. It really changes everything!


It’s not for everyone. 

  • If you only fish big water then the main real benefit to you is the smaller size and no extra battery, which still could be a pretty significant reason to get it.
  • If you need side-imaging, this unit doesn’t have that. However, if you need to see what’s off to the side, you can cast Deeper over there!

Here at the Kayak Fishing Pros, we have used Deeper sonar both on our kayaks and from the shore and from docks as well!  It really does work as advertised and we can’t recommend it enough.



Recap: A light, powerful kayak fish finder

  • Install in seconds – No complicated set up.
  • No drilling – Just clamp and unclamp. Move from one boat to another.
  • More space, less weight – 3.5oz sonar with no extra battery or cables.
  • Smart tech you can understand easily – Start simple, try more features as you learn.
  • Remember every hot spot – Save spots on your phone to return to.
  • Find more, disturb less – Cast out to scan without disturbing the fish.
  • Spend less, get more – Best value kayak set up ever.
  • Try before you buy – Download the app free to see how it works.
  • A 4 season sonar – Use for shore and ice fishing.

There are several different flavors of the Deeper Sonar with something for everyone.

UPDATE 7/31/2018 – We were able to get you a deal from the manufacturer and got a promo code for Amazon that will give you an additional 10% off!

Simply use this code at checkout:  DP10HERO


Click the graphic to order.*

 Deeper START Smart Fish Finder – Light Wireless Wi-Fi Fishfinder for Shore Angler

This version is mainly for shore anglers.
Will show fish, the depth, and contour of the bottom




Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar – Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Kayak and Ice Fishing

This model is nearly identical to the PRO Plus model except it doesn’t have GPS mapping capabilities. If you use your own GPS software, buy this one to save money.






Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar – GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing

This model has it all! Dual beam, GPS to map the bottom as well as other great features. This is the version we tested and really liked!






Here’s and good chart from Amazon showing the difference between versions.




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