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Who are the Kayak Fishing Pros?

We are kayak anglers who have been around. We’ve experienced kayak fishing at it’s worst and best and we share what we’ve learned about kayak fishing and the gear we’ve used with others.  We like to write and we like to get paid for it.  This works by writers putting links to their own affiliate pages into their articles where when a reader orders something, they will get a small commission from that affiliate company.

We are a Team of You!

Are you an angler who loves to write and wants to start your own site? Maybe you already have a site but are limited on how much time you have or how much content you can create? It’s hard to keep up with your own web site and put all the pieces together that you need, plus, it’s hard to create content day after day and keep up with the demand. Plus, if you want to promote your gear as an affiliate you often have to have an established site and getting that setup yourself is difficult without traffic.  Getting the traffic to your page is almost impossible without paying for advertising.

United we stand divided we fall

As a team we can.  The more kayak angler writers who participate, the more publicity we get, and therefore the more traffic we get and more traffic means better representation on the search engines. By ourselves this would be a struggle, but together can create a fantastic repository full of useful information to all kayakers and make a few bucks to keep us going too!

On top of that, if you write quality articles regularly, you’ll get your own menu on the front page where people can see your articles directly. This will give you even more visibility and more traffic!

How much can you earn?

That’s up to you! The more content you create, the more visibility you’ll get and the more traffic your pages will get. If you write about something that everyone wants you could generate affiliates sales that could help fund your fishing habit.

What are the requirements?

We know that most affiliate companies have a rule that says you can only put your links on your own pages that you own. Usually this is a Blogger or WordPress site, or even a YouTube channel.  Either way, you will post your product page here, and then any links you post would need to point to your own landing page where the user would need to click your affiliate link.  This way you’ll get the referral traffic to your site (which looks good to the search engines), you’ll be able to do your own advertising on your site, and ultimately get credit for people buying products through your affiliate links.

We will be establishing rules about how pages have to look and what kind of things you can say, but for now we’ll say these three general rules:

  • Don’t degrade other products.  Doing reviews and stating pros and cons in a non-confrontational manner is best. Basically don’t “bash other products or companies”.  We’e here to promote, not destroy.
  • Your page must be well written and conform to generally accepted grammatical guidelines. This doesn’t mean it has to be perfect, but it can’t be written in 3rd grade English. It needs to be at least semi-professionally written with good writing form and spelling.
  • All pages will need to be approved by the Webmaster/Editor before publishing.  The webmaster reserves the right to remove any pages that do not meet proper standards laid out here.


The rules are still being written on how this will work, so what you read above will likely change as we develop the page. If you are interested but have concerns, talk to us and let us know what you would like to see to make this better for you!

If you would like to join us, simply email us and we’ll talk!

Tight lines!